Plodding at Parkrun



One of the things I had been wanting to do when I was back to running was go to Porthcawl parkrun. It started last year just as I stopped running and began treatment so I was a bit gutted to have to wait so long!
I used to run there regularly and never get tired of the amazing sea views.

I’ve only run 5 times since I finished chemo but had built up to 3 miles so thought I would give it a go this weekend. Now it has to be said I hadn’t banked on a night out beforehand and the ensuing dehydration and fuzzy head. Nor had I forseen a rather glorious but boiling hot day.

There’s something quite lovely about getting up early when many are still snoozing, getting the running gear on and setting off for a coastal plod. The fact that I got to do it with 223 other just as crazy people was a bonus!

There were runners of all types there from your speedy club runners to children and then right at the back of the pack…me! Me and Heidi. We ran regularly before illness put paid to that. Up and down the dunes at Merthyr Mawr. Yes I know, insane. But it used to feel pretty good afterwards. It was fantastic to be back running with my mate and she stuck by me the whole way round, what a star 🙂

The volunteers at Porthcawl were brilliant, all so encouraging as were the other runners zipping past me! I found it tough, I had completely forgotten there was a bit of an incline involved! My limited running up until this point had only been on the flat. I had to stop a couple of times and walk to catch my breath. But I LOVED it. Such a sense of achievement afterwards, another goal reached!

I know a lot of people who parkrun at all different locations and every single one of them loves it, not just because of the running but the sense of community it has.

Thanks parkrun, see you next Saturday!


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