Posted in May 2013

A Good News Day :-)

Yesterday was my pre chemo appointment at Velindre (the hospital I’m being treated at). I was very nervous as it was also bone marrow test results and CT scan results. We didn’t have too long to wait luckily as the longer the wait the more I convince myself something is wrong! The bone marrow test … Continue reading

The New Me

Well I did it! All remaining hair is gone! I feel SO much happier now 🙂 There’s no denying I was a little bit nervous sat in the hairdressers but I had two wonderful friends with me for support. The hairdresser was great, very understanding. As she shaved my hair off from the back first … Continue reading

Happy New Hair!

Well what do you think? I was pleasantly surprised at just how real it looks and chances of blowing off in the wind = slim!! I felt pretty confident wearing it. Amazing ladies in the shop, so thoughtful and really knew their stuff. One had a wig on and we had no idea, says it … Continue reading

To Wig or Not to Wig?

When the doctor said my hair would be gone within three weeks of my first treatment I was pretty shocked. Seemed so fast! You’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about as I’ve had this before, been there done that, right? Well no, last time I was very lucky, although my hair went pretty … Continue reading